Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Xbox360 HardDrive upgrade and Streaming DivX from your PC

I found this interesting site yesterday where it shows you how to modify your xbox in various ways.

The ones that interested me were the hard drive upgrade and the streaming DivX. For those of you who don't know, DivX cannot play on your Xbox 360. Microsoft had DRM issues with the format and therefore is only using its own format, WMV or Windows Media Video files. WMV sucks by the way, DivX has like 2/3 better compression.

Anyway, here's a nice site link:
Xbox 360 Tutorial for Streaming DivX

Also, the harddrive one is here:

Hope these work well for you. There is one other one that hints at the fact that you can reformat your drive, which means... if you buy an SATA Hard drive, and stick it in there, why can't you use that? You can... so there. Just format the drive in the System Tab under Memory. :)

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Fetuscollector6 said...

mm hacking the xbox

i used this site to pick out a mod chip for my xbox. its has a ton of hacks and things you can do to make ur xbox and 360 do all kinds of things that Microsoft would have problems with.