Saturday, February 17, 2007

Globalization vs War

Until aliens come to conquer us like in the movie Independence Day, or until we conquer the Final Frontier, Globalization is a foolish idea to me.

The key points to it seem to be that if we unify as a globe economically, then we'll be more peaceful and prosperous. Frankly, I think its stupid. So... China is the key to our manufacturing. United States is the source of education and high-priced, high-tech equipment and services. So, what happens then when someone gets destroyed after we concentrate all our supplies in one country? Its like putting all our eggs in one basket.

So... South Africa makes cheap wool. Well, let's move all the jobs over there. That'll lower prices, neh? What happens when the Aliens bomb South Africa? Or, a chemical disaster wipes out their population? What happens then? The wool market jumps.

Also, look at Columbia and what happened when foreigners came in and planted bananas and only bananas everywhere. That country's entire economy was based on the banana market. If it crashed, columbia starves. No security or anything. But that's what globalization does.

My teacher warns about US-centric market theory, and I don't think this is US-centric, I just don't see globalization as an absolute-good idea.

Globalization and the gaming industry? What happens when I want to make games and all the games are being made in India, or Japan? Right now, this isn't an issue, and most likely won't become one as long as the United States continues to excel at the top of the educational ladder. Not everything stays the same. In the future, things may be different. Well, the word may is optimistic. Things will change, and unless we continue to be as creative as we can be, we will lose our place as the head of innovation.

Note: Japan is seen as the head of innovation for the gaming industry right now for good reasons. Many of our arcades are filled with relics, while theirs are filled with replenished gold.


Fetuscollector6 said...

Gaming Truth: When You Want To Know The Truth About Gaming... and Globalization

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*laughs* yeah, that's right.