Monday, February 12, 2007

God of War 2 Preview

God of War 2 is being developed by David Jaffe and his crew. The same person who made God of War. Its being released onto the Playstation two on March 13th.

For those who haven't played God of War 1, it was amazing. To describe it, I would have to say it is an intuitive, powerful and puzzling game all at once.

God of War 2 doesn't seem to stray far from this and may even improve on the original formula. Using chains and an orb healing system popular in other games, Kratos, the God of War dispatches many different mythological enemies.

There is magic, which uses a large blue bar. The large green bar is your healthy, I'm assuming.

There seems to be a lot of history and almost humor involved. At one point, you're fighting the Colossus of Rhodes, which was a very very large statue on the island of rhodes in the mediterranean. History has it that an earthquake broke the huge statue, but War destroyed it. The earthquake toppled it in 226 BC, leaving it broken on the ground but still intact for the most part. Then, the Arabs conquered Rhodes in 654AD and disassembled it completely, selling it off to a merchant from Syria. Broken by nature, and Obliterated by War. Perhaps it was Kratos leading the way, huh?
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Other battles include a large Rock Golem, the Barbarian King, Medusa and Cerberus as well.
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Most of the more creative parts include a button-tapping minigames instead of cutscenes. Just make sure you press the right button or you could lose a good chance to really hurt your enemies.

And now, a video, courtesy of

Hope this gives you an inkling of what the game is about. See you in stores March 13th!

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Fetuscollector6 said...

*drools* I watched Ken play the first one and i must say I was impressed. It was like Prince of Persia... only so much more destructive and violent. This next one looks amazing.