Thursday, April 12, 2007

Guitar Hero 2 and Japanese News by Mercy1.0

Oh wow, Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 seems like *such* a ripoff. $90 for the game and the controller, and if you want to buy songs from GH1 it's $6.25 for 3 songs. The price is a bit steep, considering each song would be 2 bucks and some cents for material that's already available, just on another system. Also, if it's to be believed that they're working on a Guitar Hero III (for Xbox360, Wii, and PS3) will they really be working on NEW downloadable content for GH2?

Ouendan 2 is apparently coming out in Japan during the month of May. Some of the music videos linked above are hilarious, especially Hirai Ken's Pop Star. Japanese people are crazy, but their craziness is so tasty. Who else would ever think of putting frosting on a stick and calling it Pocky?

Written by Mercy1.0

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