Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Wii Controller

After much fiddling and thought, I have decided that I don't like the Wiimote. I'm sorry, I just... don't like it.

What it really comes down to for me is that you can't use all the buttons. I mean, how many times have you fiddled around trying to reach down and press one of the buttons at the bottom? How many times have you accidently pressed the home button or the A button? Why do developers only use the triggers? Have you ever thought about it?

Its because really, those triggers are the only useful things on the controller.

Also, the aiming. It irritates me. Its not so much aiming as it is guessing. I can't look down the controller and say "Boom, headshot" (Credit to PurePwnage for the quote), because the controller doesn't aim where you aim it. I feel like the whole infra-red thing is bullcrap and that why do we need some silly bar to be on the top or the bottom? Why can't it be a strap that hangs down over the sides and has one infra-red signal on each side of the screen?

But really, can you imagine playing Spiderman with the Wii? How are you going to handle doing all that? I remember playing Spiderman 2 and wanting to sprint up a wall after webslinging. You'd have to let go of like L1, hold L2, and press Circle to do it, and the thrill of it was AMAZING. It took SKILL to web sling into a sprint up the side of a 30 story building and not die. Well, maybe not die, but fall happily with a heavy thud into the pavement (I can't tell you how many times I jumped from the highest buildings to fall flat on the pavement, just for the pure rush of motion-blur and speed as the ground approached. :) )

Anyway, please leave your comments on the Wii Controller, you're welcome to disagree. Maybe I'm overlooking something...

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Fetuscollector6 said...

would you want to play spiderman 2? lol i remember luke had it for the pc, and it was on par with "The Hulk".

Seriously tho the wiimote is fine for what it was designed for... party games, because thats what the wii is. For party games simplicity is key, so you're never going to need more than 2 buttons and the directional pad on top (the only time you use the home key is if u want to pause or exit the game and the two buttons on the bottom i'm pretty sure are only there because of the virtual console games). I was skeptical about the wii and wiimotes at first, but they're not that bad. You shouldn't expect precision, because I'm pretty sure they're not designed for that. You also have the issues of different tv sizes and different distances between the outer edge and the screen... theres just too much variation to make something headshot-able (as far as i'm concerned tho, no control is precise enough to quickly get someones face in your crosshair. Mouse and keyboard all the way). I do see where you're comming from.. its just that the wii isn't made for gaming enthusiasts... thats why god made the 360 and pc (which is not dying contrary to popular opinion) and maybe *coughps3cough*. But yeah... i'll give nintendo props for doing something different, because honestly... after the huge success the gamecube was *wades through sarcasm* i thought nintendo was going to go under. So thats my 3 cents (it was a bit more than 2)

plus you can download mario kart 64 ^_^